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You are welcome to Steve Vocal Clinic

Hi my name is Steve Chord,i am the director of The First Music Academy and an initiator of Home Piano Lesson. I have been a pianist and a voice coach for over 25 years.

I am going to teach you personally what i learn over these years,i have worked with both local and international stars both in Nigeria and Ghana,and i have trained a lots of church choirs,individual,musical groups ,bands,and even school choral groups. To be a star,you must stop watching a star but do what a star did and even beyond.

You are welcome to my blog Steve Vocal Clinic .SVC is a one stop vocal training clinic for all amateur and professional singers,those who are ready to be a star. Breathing is everything!

 Steve's innovative vocal teaching approach focuses on three skills that all modern singers seek to achieve; the ability to seamlessly blend chest and head resonance through powerful breath support, and finally isolating all constriction or strain within the voice and create a full and powerful complete singing voice. Mastering these "blending" and breathing techniques, results in amazing range with complete vocal freedom with convincing, room vibrating power. 


The masterclass also includes a "spotlight" section on live performance highlighting pre-show mental prep, stage presence, mic technique, microphone stand etiquette, how to work a stage, talking to an audience and more! 

Steve's Vocal Technique Seminar is unique in the industry because participants learn some of the most cutting-edge vocal techniques in the world in a fun, exciting presentation and because Steve's method utilizes amplification in the training process. Companies that provide tools and technology for singers also enjoy an opportunity to participate and be part of the event.

The "VOCAL TECHNIQUE SEMINAR'"is educational, innovative, rowdy, fun and completely applicable to today’s modern vocalist. For host teachers and schools, the VTS offers a chance for your school or music educational program to work with some of the most innovative voice techniques being developed today. Host Teachers or Schools partner with STEVE and share with your students an educational and exciting workshop that is unique. This masterclass provides high resolution hand outs of vocal physiology and participants will be able to volunteer to work Steve exclusive VTS  vocal and performance techniques.
The following are benefits to the host teacher or school:

  1. Work with and build a relationship with Steve for the benefit of your studio and students.
  2. Revenue sharing of proceeds from the event.
  3. Elevate interest in your studio or school by partnering with one of the most exciting vocal workshops in the world today.
  4. Participate in training for certification in VTS pedagogy.
  5. Become a member of a growing team that work together and partner for cooperative events and future cross-promotional opportunities.
  Some Testimony from our clients
Hello everyone my name is Bishop Muyiwa Phillips,im the presiding bishop of Divine Fire Ministries in Accra,Steve is a genius,for over a year we had no choir and we contacted Steve,within few months he was able to groom and train the choir,up till now they are still functioning. Anyone can contact me for reference to engage this young man 0247595056


Why You Must Choose The Right
Professional Voice Coach

A good professional voice coach will prescribe EFFECTIVE vocal exercises that will increase your range, improve your tone, and give you complete control of your voice.
Why is your choice of vocal coach so important?
Consider this...

Your vocal abilities will improve at a rate that is determined by the ability of your vocal teacher's ability to interpret your voice, and prescribe exercises to increase it's ability.
So just because you're paying your professional voice coach Ghc20 an hour, or maybe even Gh100 an hour, don't expect your voice to improve by magic!
I know, this does sound unfortunate. But the reality is that not all vocal instructors are adept at prescribing the right exercises for your voice.

In fact, many have NO idea which singing exercises will yield the desired results!
Exercises that concentrate too much on breathing, or exercises that try to place your tone... These won't produce results. They only produce frustration...

And I should know... i had a very bad voice when i started singing,i use to play the piano but never learn how to sing,even when i take up singing course,i still find it a bit difficult to sing because my voice was horrible,but after so many years of research with several international voice coaches like Eric Dillard,Eric Assenaux,Roger Burnley and a lots of them that their techniques had actually made a way for me,now i can teach you because i sing

On this service is one on one private coaching in the comfort of your home,the vocal coaching is ones weekly for an hour,you will choose the day and time,its practical base and very unique training at your own pace.
FEE: Ghc600 for 3 month
PAYMENT METHOD: Payment is in advance

Highly Interested? You then send your location to 0244229584
I will then come with a form for you to fill,you pay and we start(in case of private)



This policies is expected to guide our services and transactions both in Ghana and anywhere the school is

By filling our form or call us indicate that you are in agreement with our policies

 1. Every information filled by the students/clients or on behalf of the student/clients either by online or paper is expected to be true and fact and valid by the clients/students

2. Any deception by the students/client noticed either online or paper shall render all payment and admission invalid and thereby result to cancellation and dismissal of the student/clients and no refund whatsoever shall be made

3. in case of sales of any product by the school or representative of the school,a receipt should be requested by the client/purchaser,failure to do so shall render any transaction invalid by the school

4. Each lesson shall be an hour a week,the day and time could be chosen by the student/clients

5. Any day chosen by the student/clients shall be accepted by the school,the school reserve the right to reschedule the day and time if need be

6.Any day or time chosen by the student/clients can not be change without a prior agreement or a call of 24hour earlier before the agreeing day if not that day shall be counted as a lesson day for the students

7. in case of sales of any of our instruments,we don't replace or refund,as stated in our receipt that any good taken in good condition can never be returned

8.our goods and products are tested before supply

9..payment are made in advance,no tested of lesson/class to see how it looks like,we believe that the teachers time is fully booked by client and no teacher will ever give your time to anybody when paid for except when agreed by the clients to do other wise,our lessons are handled by professional tutors,thereby they will strictly adhere to our rules and regulations

10. the school/teacher reserve the right to do a make up for lesson missed by the teacher unless under an unforeseen circumstances

11. any additional lesson requires additional payments in days and time

12. The teachers syllabus has been verified by the school and is validated to be used,in no circumstances should the teacher be interrupted in his lesson by another teacher or opinion,as the school or teacher reserve the right to stop any lesson being suspected that could pose a danger to the teacher or the school without any intimidation or refund whatsoever by both teacher or student

13. The school reserve the right to stop and reject any previous or present agreement by the teacher or the school if suspected fowl plays without any intimidation whatsoever from both parties

14. Failure by the student to adhere strictly to all these rules or policies shall face indefinite suspension/dismissal without any refund whatsoever by the school

15. The students/clients reserve the right to stop the lesson/class as at whenever he is pleased or displeased without any intimidation or treat by both parties

16.The package duration is first 3 month,the student/clients reserve the right to stop or continue after the first 3 month at his/her own discretion

                                CHURCH CONSULTANCY SERVICES

Welcome to our Church consultancy Services. Rev Steve Chord is a music consultant for over 20 years.He has trained so many choir and individuals in different churches both in Nigeria and Ghana and there are records to this facts

He was the choir trainer at RCCG(The Redeemed christian Church of God Abule Odu Lagos) for over 2 years,he was a choir co-ordination and trainer at All Believers Congregations for over 3 years,The Music director and at CEPM(Christ Evangelical and prayer ministry Headquarter in USA.All believers Congregation Lagos Nigeria,Faith Army Chapel Ghana,Winners Chapel Ghana,Fountain of Fire Chapel Ghana,
Gospel Light International Ghana,Winners Chapel International,Healing Streams Ministries Ghana,
the Music director of Faith Army chapel Ghana for 2 years,

He is full of  musical knowledge and helping people and religious body all over Africa,his monthly piano seminar "Play piano in 8 days" has helped many Ghanaian to see their dreams of playing the piano true,he was interviewed by KPMG over the status of music generally in Ghana,he has been on so many interviews on Ghana best Radio stations like Sunny Fm 88.7fm,Sweet Melodies 94.3fm ,Channel R and many more,he has been leaving in Ghana since 2006 up till date,and he has helped so many Ghanaian Churches choir to develop musically as he has been an expertise in that area for over 20 years,he is also the initiator of the Steve Vocal Clinic,he is truly an authority in music coaching,he is known to be an international music coach

This service is basically for church choirs,musical group or bands,who need to go to the next level and meet up with the international standard

In this service we train your choir within the first 3 month in the following area: Voice training,Harmonization,Instruments training(Piano& Guitar),Choir Management,Posture etc

To engage us for this service ,please call 0244229584

Do you need to buy any musical instruments? please call 0244229584 or click here 

LOCATION: Steve Vocal Clinic

Market bustop,Kasoa Road
Tel: or whatsap +233244229584
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